Customization of vegetable packaging machine

  • Customization of vegetable packaging machine

Vegetable packaging machine is an automatic heat shrinkable film packaging machine, which is suitable for the automatic heat shrinkable packaging of green vegetables, garlic seedlings, fruits, tomatoes, cucumbers and other products. Link company is a benchmark manufacturer of vegetable packaging machines. The main models of vegetable packaging machine include rotary pillow packaging machine, paper pillow packaging machine, etc.

Product Name: ws005 automatic fruit and vegetable packaging machine.

Scope of application: automatic packaging of spinach, tarragon, green vegetables, sesame, lettuce, rape, clover, broccoli, radish, eggplant, leafy vegetables, pepper, asparagus, cucumber, onion, leek, burdock, water vegetables, cut vegetables, vegetable assortment and other long vegetables.

Technical parameters:

Packaging characteristics and functions:

◆ pillow packaging: the packaging speed is 20-100 / 20-120 / 20-130 / 20-150 / 30-150 / 40-180 bags / min (depending on the product length and packaging materials). Conventional leaf vegetables can reach more than 50 bags / min when they work continuously for more than 20 hours.

◆ the package specification is 120mm high and 170mm wide, and the cutting length range is 150mm-900mm.

◆ the packing bag shall be provided with air holes, with two holes 50-80mm apart, and the hole diameter is 6-12mm.

◆ automatically identify the length of the product, avoid food inclusion in the seal, and the margin before and after the packaging film can be controlled below 20mm.

◆ double row heating of middle seal to avoid scalding and melting of packaging film due to shutdown. The double pressure wheel heating system meets the requirements of left edge sealing, right edge sealing and left and right double edge sealing.

◆ automatic labeling function (bottom labeling), printing content, product information, ingredient list, packaging date and traceability QR code.

◆ the conveyor belt automatically identifies and automatically starts and stops the supply of raw materials. If there is no raw materials, it will automatically stop to avoid the waste of consumables.

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