Link potato chip packaging machine

  • Link potato chip packaging machine

The large particle vertical automatic packaging machine - large particle vertical automatic packaging machine produced by Xiamen link Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is applicable to all kinds of puffed food, candy, peanut, melon seeds, seeds, popcorn and other granular, strip and sheet objects for automatic metering, packaging and sealing, and can automatically complete quantitative filling, folding bag making, packaging and sealing It can also form a production line with other equipment to complete subsequent processes such as printing batch number and production date at one time. It is especially suitable for sealing and packaging products and materials that are easy to draw and drip; The bag length can be adjusted. When a variety of packaging specifications are to be packaged and the bag width is not fixed, multiple sets of formers with different packaging specifications can be purchased according to the packaging specifications and weight of the bag to cooperate with different material transfer pumps. It can realize automatic quantitative filling and packaging of objects under high temperature, effectively improve production efficiency and avoid secondary pollution caused by bacterial invasion. The large particle vertical automatic packaging machine produced by Xiamen link Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. has the advantages of high precision and automation, simple operation, convenient adjustment and so on.

potato chip packaging machine

Product features:

1. Functions of the machine: large particle, strip and sheet conveying, bag forming, weight adjustment, vacuum sealing, cutting, counting and other functions; The photoelectric tracking and correction system controlled by microcomputer is equipped with high-precision stepping motor to accurately the same position of each packaging bag pattern. The control system completes the synchronization, length determination, positioning and speed of the whole machine and automatically diagnoses faults. Color band coding machine or steel seal coding device can be selected.

2. The appearance and molding parts of the whole machine are made of stainless steel, clean and hygienic, in line with food hygiene standards;

3. The computer operating system adopts imported color touch screen control, digital humanized management, and has a variety of advanced functions such as automatic shutdown and timely alarm for lack of materials and packaging materials, making the operation simpler and maintenance more convenient;

4. The control part adopts Mitsubishi PLC programming control, with stable and reliable performance and self-test prompt function;

5. The feeding pump can be the original 316 stainless steel pump imported from the United States or made in China, which is durable and has high standard pressure, especially suitable for the transportation of high viscosity materials;

6. The electrical components are international brand products with reliable quality and easy to purchase and replace by themselves;

7. The piston pump filling system does not rotate and squeeze the stuffing, does not damage the stuffing structure, does not cause the stuffing to change color, and has no impact on the taste and appearance;

8. The packaging capacity can reach more than 1.5 tons per hour, and the automatic filling and sealing can be completed above 85 ℃, so as to avoid secondary pollution, improve work efficiency and reduce production cost.

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