Precautions for purchasing particle packaging machine

  • Precautions for purchasing particle packaging machine

Particle packaging machine is a weighing and bagging machine for granular materials, that is, it can realize the measurement, weighing and filling of particles, and can achieve the integrated process from discharge to packaging with conveying and packaging machine. So what should we pay attention to when purchasing particle packaging machine? Next, LINK Molly will give you a brief introduction. Let's have a look.

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1. Output

The larger the output, the larger and possibly more granular packaging machines. We have to determine whether one or several can meet the requirements according to the output and the model of particle packaging machine. We usually want hourly production, that is, how many tons per hour or how many bags per hour.

At present, there are three mainstream models of particle packaging machine for particle materials: particle gravity bucket scale (output 220 ~ 280 bags / hour), particle gravity bucket scale (300 ~ 420 bags / hour) and particle gravity double bucket scale (500 ~ 700 bags / hour).

2. Material

The material is generally determined according to the corrosivity of the material. High corrosivity: all stainless steel, general corrosion: stainless steel in contact with the material, no corrosion: carbon steel. General food grade products are made of all stainless steel.

3. Particle size

The commonly used automatic particle packaging machine with large particles cannot be used because the particles are large and will jam the discharge port. Such as potato scale and briquette scale.

4. Packing bag form

The open pocket particle packing scale is used for the open pocket, and the particle valve pocket packing machine is used for the valve pocket.

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