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January 13 , 2022

Tea packaging machine:

In 1903, bags were handcrafted. People used to sew bags and add tea to them. The genius Thomas Sullivan revolutionized the global tea bag supply on a massive scale. Over time, the invention of the tea packaging machine greatly reduced the need for hand-sewn bags. Bags are very useful in today's world. With very busy day-to-day work and travel schedules, people prefer to spend less time on errands like preparing food for themselves and making tea or coffee. People prefer already cooked meals or other alternatives that help them save time and accomplish more productive tasks at hand. The bag has all these advantages and is highly requested by the masses.

Link Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 1996. The founder continued to study the machine parts of the nylon tea bag packaging machine. Until 2008, we finally solved the problem of the tea bag packaging machine. The packaging speed of the machine is faster and the air tightness of the packaging is better. It is difficult for the bag to leak, and since 2008, we have continuously optimized the tea packaging machine according to the usage of international customers.

Tea packing machine with thread and label

Automatic packaging machines help make and package bags by using perforated paper, nylon or silk bags, leaves, attached ropes and paper labels. These machines help to make bags of all sizes, shapes, decorative designs and patterns. If you have your own design drawings on the packaging bag, you can send your source files to us in the form of PDF. Our high-quality professional team can design your patterns and produce packaging films of different materials for you
The paper used up by the packaging machine in the process of making bags is actually made of wood and plant fibers. Tea bags now form all kinds of tea, such as green tea, herbal tea, black tea and so on. The packaging machine must handle the following procedures:
1. Ration Filling
2. Paste line
3. Link label
4. Sealed envelope
5. Grouping and counting tea bags, etc.
Tea packing machine

The automatic packaging machine has various sizes, models and functions. It all depends on what the customer is looking for. The packaging machine can form bags of various shapes, such as square, rectangular, round and pyramid. For the convenience of customers, some companies provide open pockets so that they can add their own choice and favorite tea.

Tea inner and outer bag packaging machine

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