Three filling methods of automatic filling machine

Sep 22, 2021
People who have been in contact with the automatic filling machine should know that the equipment is mainly used in the processing of fluid, paste, viscous body and other products. We should know that different filling equipment have different filling methods. We should master more. This is also helpful for later use, mainly including atmospheric pressure, negative pressure and pressure, Let's briefly understand the three filling methods of the equipment:

1. Normal pressure filling method:

This type of filling machine equipment generally increases the pressure by raising the storage tank. Filling is carried out by using the weight of the equipment as the power, which is more suitable for the processing of milk and red wine with good fluidity and low viscosity.

Automatic filling machine

2. Negative pressure filling method:

This kind of equipment is usually called vacuum filling machine, which needs to ensure that the pressure in the bottle is lower than the atmospheric pressure, and fill the product according to the principle of air pressure balance. The design structure of this filling machine equipment is generally relatively simple, but the air tightness between various parts is relatively good, which is very helpful to the processing of products.

3. Pressure filling method:

This equipment is mainly used for filling under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure. One is to use the pressure in the storage tank to be equal to the pressure in the bottle and flow into the bottle by the self weight of liquid material, which is also called isobaric filling. The other is to add a power piston on the top of the storage tank to boost the completion of processing.

We all have a basic understanding of the three filling methods of the full-automatic filling machine. If you encounter any problems in the process of using the equipment in the later stage, you can consult us.

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